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Monday, 26 November 2012

Party Hat tutorial

Happy Monday to you all! I have a quick little tutorial to share with you today on a quick and easy way to make a personalised birthday hat!

I bought a pack of party hats from my local dollar store, any theme will do. These happened to be the cheapest...perhaps because there aren't so many hockey themed parties right now with the strike on.


Step 1: Take one of the party hats apart (keep it as a template) and trace the shape onto the BACK of your patterned paper. I made the lines slightly larger on the left and right side of the hat so that the ends of my patterned paper would end up laying across each other when I fold the paper around the hat.

Step 2: Cut out your hat, it will look something like I have below. Don't worry if you don't cut on the lines exactly because they will be inside the hat.

Step 3: On the back side of your paper attach three strips of double sided tape (make sure it's super sticky). One down the middle and one down the left and right side.

Step 4: Attach the center of the hat to the center strip. make sure that it is centered using the elastics as a guide so that the paper seam will end up on the back of the hat

Step 5: Wrap one side at a time around the hat sticking it down well.

Step 6: admire your adorable creation.

Step 7: Add decorations to personalize your hat. As you can see, I made mine for a little guy's first Birthday. I made a pom pom for the top of the hat and framed the number 1 with a cute acordion flower.

On this project I used the Birthday Boy collection from Bella Blvd. Kristy doesn't have this item in the shop but if you are interested in it you can ask her to order it for you.

There are a ton of other kits you could use from the Scrapbooking Cafe Online store such as these fun Birthday lines from Echo Park or these cheery lines from Jillibean Soup. Or maybe you would like these adorable lines from Doodlebug

The paper don't have to be 'birthday' themed, I think as long as they are bright an colorful they will add charm and character to any celebration...and in my opinion they are SO much cuter than the hats you buy at the dollar store, and so easy to make!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you try making a hat of your own please comment here with the link. I would love to check it out.

Have a great week!


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