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Monday, 17 September 2012

my happy scrappy place :)

Hi friends! Today I want to introduce you to my happy place :) It's not much, but it is all mine and I love it. We live in a tiny cramped little house, but my hunny has been nice enough to allow me to take over this corner of the kitchen for my scrapbooking.

I love to see how other people store and organize their scrapbooking stuff so I thought I would share my space with you.

This is pretty much my workspace right here...Let me break it all down for you.
This is the area to the left of my workspace. Our family computer is here and on the shelves you can see where I store my full sheets of cardstock as well as some other mixed media goodies on the top shelf.
This antique sideboard holds most of my stuff. I have labelled everything for you, but keep scrolling down for some close ups. Let's first take a look at the stuff on the top of the sideboard...
For now my copics live in this green bag. Right now they are organized into warm and cool colors. I have plans for alternate storage but I haven't been able to put it into use yet. I store my ink pads in the plastic bin on the bottoms there and all the other inky stuff like embossing ink, mists, heat gun, sponges etc, and probably a few more ink pads are in the basket on top. 
The blue box holds my dies and embossing folders. I don't have that many right now so the box works quite nicely. When my collection grows, which I am sure it will do, I'll have to figure something else out. The large hanging folder box keeps my papers all contained. I organize them by manufacturer so I can find what I'm looking for. At the back of the bin, I have some files organized by color to hold smaller paper scraps.  Then of course there is my ancient cuttlebug....it's about 8 years old I think, and it's still kickin!
Now for the inside...
This is the top left drawer of the sideboard. As you can see it holds my punches, although I am rapidly running out of room in there. I may have to figure out something else soon, cause I love punches! they are just so darn heavy!
In the bottom left door I keep my bigger containers.
This embellishment basket holds most of my misc embellies. I like to keep them in the manufacturer's packages so I can remember the names etc. for blog posts and project submissions. This basket usually lives on my desk for easy access, but when I get all tidied up it lives in the bottom right cupboard door.

The long drawer that goes the length of the sideboard holds a mishmash of other 'stuff.' I didn't take a picture of the inside of it because you wouldn't be able to tell what anything was in the mess so I took a few things out to show you...
I am using old plastic containers from Stampin Up stamps to hold my flowers. I have one for each color family: Red/Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Black/White, Brown/Cream.
I looooove washi tape, but I am just starting to grow my collection. Right now they live in a little cardboard box in that long drawer...nothing fancy. I would love to have them out where I can see them while I work, but as you can see space is limited.

On the first picture of my space you might have noticed a green cloth bag hanging from the door of the sideboard. That bag holds my cardstock scraps...let me show you...
I have an 8.5x11 page protector for each color of paper. All the scraps of a certain color are thrown in there and all the page protectors are kept in the green bag.
This box is my FAVORITE storage item! It is actually meant to organize photos but I just love it for keeping my stray embellies in check (in rainbow order of course). I've got everything in these; brads, buttons, jewels, twine, paperclips etc.
This is the view from under my table. The green grocery store bin holds my projects that are already organized and ready to go, or projects that I have started but not completed. In the old suitcase I have stamp sets that I am currently using so that they are ready and on hand.

And now for the top of my workspace...

And my scrappy buddy Paisley, who loves to sit by the window and watch for the neighbours kitties to go by!

Now I cleaned up my space to share it with you but let's be real here. My table is never so tidy! it usually looks something like this...

or WORSE! lol ;)

What does your happy scrappy space look like? I would love to see it! Link it up to the comments secion so I can see!

Have a great day!
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Love it, such a well organized space...love the canvas with the balloon in the background

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