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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My most beloved work bench

HI everyone! Becky really inspired me with her scraproom post yesterday. The problem is, my scraproom is in NO SHAPE to be photographed at the moment, even if I could find my camera under the piles of paper, ha!

But inspiration should never be taken lightly, so I decided to share my favourite item in my scrap space: my work bench! Yep, not my storage or my shelves, my "table" is my item by far.

The thing is, I built it myself (OK, hubbie helped a little)! I bought and old dresser (thanks Kijiji!), sanded, painted, added a top and voilĂ ! A standing work bench:

I found out a while a go that I really like to stand while scrapbooking. It was easier to move around and find things in my stash. I'm odd that way, but hey, it works pretty well for me! As you can see, I just added a top to a dresser, and all of a sudden I had a work bench and 9 drawers to store my inkpads, templates and tools. Cool, huh!

Now here is another shot, I took it as soon as I finished organizing. I have to say that look lasted less than 30 minutes after  an F5 Tornado hit it I started working on a new page. :)

So, why don't you share with us your favourite spot in your scraproom?

Thanks or stopping by,

Dani Donner


Anita Rex said...

I love it! Fabulous job with that workbench! One of my good friends also stands when she crafts! :> I need to sit!

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